The writeup was the beginning of success for the Elbow Room. The article covered many particular issues, but also talked about good food, friendly service and much more.
- June 5, 1983. Province: "The Magazine"

"At the Elbow Room, you feel that there is a continuous show happening around you. The witty staff entertains you." - July, 1987. Vancouver Sun: "World's a Stage"

"There's good nature abuse at the Elbow Room and the food is excellent, making the perfect recipe for success."
- December, 1995. Vancouver Courier: "Good Nature Abuse"

"Why pay to go to the theatre, when its free with every breakfast!"
- March, 1997. The Province: "Breakfast as Theatre"

"Great service and charming staff."
-January, 1999. Maclean's Magazine: "How a Business Survives and What Makes a Success"

"Service and attitude and years of hard work makes "business-like food industries" a success."
- April, 1999. Vancouver Sun "Weekend"

"Those that have been there rave about it and the food is worth the visit and also the rare service. Those who know the Elbow Room will have a wonderful time."
- August 23, 1999. National Post

"The waitress was a blast and I enjoyed the shit and abuse she dished out! She had me pegged right when she called me a bitch and she didn't know me! Great Place"
- October 25, 2002. Vancouver Tourism Awards: Rewarding Service Excellence

Mr. Tom Sellek was filming in Vancouver 80's and one Sunday he arrived at our business door, waited in line for approximately 20 minutes, sat down and had a Lumberjack. A few days after he came in for lunch. His statement to me was "I hear you have a good piece of meat!". I said, "Now, who told you that!!". He laughed...then he said "I meant your hamburger". He looked and then asked if it would be possible to have peach and pineapple with my hamburger. I said, "Yeah, sure!". After several visits, I said, "Can I name that after you?".


Miss Hilary Swank and her husband, Chad Lowe, arrived one Sunday morning. They informed me that the Director of her war show had informed her of me. I said, "What did he say?". She said, "Only good things. That's why we are here." They visited on several occasions and enjoyed the food and the surroundings. One day as they were leaving, she gave me a kiss and so I said to her husband, "Can I get one from you too?". He did. Then several weeks later, I was carrying on with them and mentioned that I would love to meet Rob Lowe. Then when I made the mistake of calling Chad, Rob as they were leaving. He came over spanked my buns and made me give him a kiss. They were so much fun. We now have two items named in their honour.


Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson would visit us at the original Elbow Room and they were both so much fun. I kept saying to Kirstie that she could leave Parker behind if she was short of cash. We laughed and she said it did not even work like that in Hollywood, they both were relaxed and nice to serve.


Jerry O'Connell first came to the Elbow Room as a young man. Then every time he visited Vancouver he has been in to see us. Another fabulous person, lots of fun and able to make sexual innuendos and not feel that it's a threat to any of us.


Daphne Zuniga (Fly II) and I got along very well, she said that I reminded her of her best friend. He was also fabulous. I said, "What do you mean by fabulous?". She said, "Come girl, you know what I mean!".


It was a rainy Sunday, the phone rang. The concierge of the hotel asked if he could make a reservation. I said, "No, we're too small." He said that this was for Sharon Stone. I said, "Well, aren't we the Queen." Complete silence at the other end. Then I said, "Oh, send her down". Well, she arrived with 10 people. I had to take some of my precious time to arrange a table and explain to others in the lineup about my problems. We then got silly. Then I went out and asked who was the Queen here that called for reservations. Sharon said that it was her and I said, "Do not get on your high horse. I know how to handle you. Honey, I deal with Queen all day." We then started to laugh.


One Sunday afternoon, Kurt and Goldie came in with their family. They were very down-to-earth and it was very nice to serve them. When they finished eating and were about to leave, I said to Goldie, "Boy, I am really starstruck seeing you guys!". Goldie, giggling in her usual manner, replied, "Oh, come on. Don't be like that!".